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Black Seed Oil 1oz.
Black Seed Oil 1oz.
Our Price: $6.50

Premium fresh Cold Press/solvent free Black Seed Oil from the Nigella Sativa seed.      1 oz. size.
The Magical Egyptian Herb for Allergies, Astma, and Immune disorders.

This well researched oil extract contains the constituent Thymoquinone - noted for its anti-inflammatory influence.

Comes in 3 sizes - 
1, 4, and 16 oz.

Generic Essiac specialty tea
Generic Essiac specialty tea
Our Price: $17.78

DR.Chi® Herbal Supplement

Generic Essiac™ is the same 4 herb formula as the famous Essiac® Canadian tonic.

"Essiac® was the 5th most commonly tried CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) treatment." Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Prhoxy herbal cleanse tea
Prhoxy herbal cleanse tea
Our Price: $19.65

DR.Chi® Herbal Supplement

Contains all 9 Original Herbs as the famous Harry Hoxsey tonic.

Perfect for Everyday Use!!!

The Mythical DR. Chi
Humans thrive when their bodies are in harmony with the universe. They achieve a level of Chi - Vital Energy / Life Force. Low Chi - Signifies ill health, weakness. Strong Chi - Translates into a vibrant, active, very alive physical self. Organs work at full potential.