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Tea Accessories

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Tea Ball
Tea Ball
Our Price: $2.01

Easy to use and clean. Single serving Stainless Steel mesh.

Tea Sieve
Tea Sieve
Our Price: $7.09

Suspend on tea cup rim for larger quantity bulk herb. Stainless Steel with deep mesh basket.

Tea Press
Tea Press 4 cup
Our Price: $34.84

Glass Carafe, 34oz./ 1.0 Liter with Stainless Steel Filter by bodum® An Easy Solution for Brewing Loose Leaf Tea.

Tea Accessories
The Mythical DR. Chi
Humans thrive when their bodies are in harmony with the universe. They achieve a level of Chi - Vital Energy / Life Force. Low Chi - Signifies ill health, weakness. Strong Chi - Translates into a vibrant, active, very alive physical self. Organs work at full potential.