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Dietary Fiber

"Dietary fiber deficiency is one of the primary causes of many diseases in the industrialized world"- C. Everett Koop, M.D., former U.S. Surgeon General

You have heard it before, but this time you realize it's true. The benefits of consuming fiber are conclusive. How amazing that dietary fiber might unfold as so versatile to your Health and Well-being.

Everyone is using fiber.
  • Sis is using Rice bran with her weight loss program.
  • Mom has added Wheat bran to improve her regularity.
  • Grandpa manages his high cholesterol and reduces the risk of CHD with Oat bran and Psyllium.
  • Your neighbor supplements his diet with Wheat bran and Flaxmeal to sooth his irritable bowel and aid digestion.
  • Psyllium helps to stabilize your brother's blood sugar.
  • Your friend with the great skin and hair: Wheat germ.
Fiber, Fiber..   How could you consistantly get enough, and what are the right kinds? What dietary fiber should you choose?
You need to choose DR. Chi® Fiber Blend. It has the above referenced fibers, Nutritional Yeast, and comes in two great natural flavors: Vanilla Spice or Dark Carob.  
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       For daily dietary fiber help you need DR. Chi® Fiber Blend
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Fiber Blend, 25oz.Vanilla Spice
Fiber Blend 25 oz. Vanilla Spice
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DR.Chi® Dietary Fiber Supplement and Natural Radiation Cleanse. 

 "Americas Fiber Rescue"
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approximate 30 day supply for most users.

Try this interactive  Fiber Calculator  to check your personal fiber requirement.

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Dietary Fiber

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Humans thrive when their bodies are in harmony with the universe. They achieve a level of Chi - Vital Energy / Life Force. Low Chi - Signifies ill health, weakness. Strong Chi - Translates into a vibrant, active, very alive physical self. Organs work at full potential.