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Natural Radiation Detox with DR.Chi® Botanical Specialties.

Radiation is invisible but has the potential to be very toxic and harmful if experienced in too high of quantities.The ongoing radiation pollution in our environment is only going to accumulate and continue to invade our food supply. It is now the responsibility of the individual to cleanse unwanted radiation exposures.
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DR.Chi® Fiber Blend is the only dietary supplement of its kind with a comprehensive line-up of the most natural of dietary fibers for "Radiation Exposure Mitigation". The added Nutritional yeast is recommended as a building block of the RNA and DNA thus vital in the repair of damage from radiation exposures.

DR.Chi® Herbal Teas are also available to complement your radiation cleanse and repair.Trust DR.Chi®
quality products for that crucial element of your radiation detoxification program.

Silymarin, an active compound found in Milk Thistle, is well known for its hepatic protection of liver cells from various chemical toxins and alcohol. Ever emerging proof of of its power to protect liver tissue from radiation damage as well is definit
ely conclusive and noteworthy. Silymarin reduces DNA damage and extends survival in animals exposed to dangerous levels of radiation due to its free radical-scavenging and direct antioxidant effects. Be sure to include Milk Thistle in your radiation protection line up now available at the DR.Chi® online store.

"If you don't heal yourself of the effects of radiation exposure and if you don't bind radioactive particles and flush them out of your body if you've ingested them, then they'll just stay there and slowly work at destroying your health. Eventually you will succumb to unexplained symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, a weakened immune system, tumors, unexplained illnesses, anemia, excessive bleeding, genetic damage, cancer, leukemia, cataracts, or possibly having children with severe birth defects. You can develop all sorts of conditions that just don't seem to respond to medicine ... and for which there doesn't seem to be any explanation," writes William Bodri.

The internal detox and cleanse is more important now than ever before.
Natural Radiation Detox
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Humans thrive when their bodies are in harmony with the universe. They achieve a level of Chi - Vital Energy / Life Force. Low Chi - Signifies ill health, weakness. Strong Chi - Translates into a vibrant, active, very alive physical self. Organs work at full potential.